The Office of My Mind Stands Ready

This is the first year in decades that I haven’t spent money for any of the myriad goal-setting workshops offered by productivity and business experts. Yet the office of my mind stands ready to go because I have put all the components together already. I’ve been working since early April to have things in place.

  • HARMONY WITH NATURE IS ONE WALL OF MY BUSINESS. I am closer than ever to personally being one with Nature and work on that harmony daily. I am especially passionate about activating the mind-body connection and will include it in everything my business will do in the new year.
  • DREAMING IS ANOTHER WALL. There have been ups and downs with where the world has been for almost two years now. But my team and I have learned better how to negotiate our times with excellent communications tools through Your Freedom Project. Using these tools when it’s such a challenge to meet in person these days, our upward vision is strong and compelling with numbers and dates.
  • TEAMWORK IS THE FLOOR supporting all I do personally and what we do together. Each of us brings a new personal success vision as we combine our energies. We’ve each been working on oursleves personally through studying with USA TODAY‘s “#3 Trainer to Watch in 2022: Danelle Delgado.” Our brand partner hired her to work with us at the end of the year. We’ve been writing our personal introduction/story to share as we invite others to partner with us. We’ve been keying in on what we personally want more of and less of in our lives to clearly see the dimensions of the goals, what they will cost, and how we will feel when we’ve achieved them. Powerful emotion + specific thought is the fuel to get us into action to get us to our personal and team goals.
  • MY OWN PRESENCE IS TWO MORE WALLS OF MY BUSINESS. One presence is what I bring with my MIND and all the tools I have learned through more than a year’s study of ancient wisdom through the Master Key Experience. My daily practice is rich with tools to increase mind mastery–repeating my Definite Major Purpose, reading essays like Emerson’s Law of Compensation, linking affirmations to shapes/colors, and living my future as a movie that is vibrant and real. The other presence I bring is my BODY that puts its energy and activity into daily tools that connect with others through writing, social media, and delight-filled conversations.

Tomorrow We Add Us!

On January 2 I kick off the New Year with three teams who are crucial to my success. A MasterMind meets at noon to continue to working on details for the Go90Grow track we’ve laid out for each of our businesses to move on. The Master Key meets at 4PM to explore more about our mind-body connection.

Our Team Air meets at 8:30PM. We take turns voicing a powerpoint that reinforces our team vision. We informally celebrate successes, share news, ask questions. We conclude with optional training on one of the tools.

Later in the month I start up weekly support meetings and training with our tech support team.

Blessings on All Our Work in 2022!

I’m excited and ready! All the best to you and what you do in our world as well!

If you’d like to set up an interview with me and the team to consider partnering with us, let’s talk and set up an appointment. 336-701-1945.]

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